FAQ - Polar Cold Caps

  • ​​Our caps must be changed every 30 minutes not every 15 minutes like some of the competitors which means less work for you during treatment.
  • We supply you with 6 caps, not 4 like the other companies out there. Our studies show that 4 caps is simply not enough for a long day of treatment.
  • At Polar Cold Caps we supply you with everything needed for the day of treatment at the lowest price available.
  • We utilize a unique gel formula created to out perform the competition by maintaining cold temperatures for longer periods of time.
Our caps stay colder for longer, provide additional support where needed, and are constructed from a superior grade insulating material. Through years of research and extensive testing, we have learned that optimal fitting and the ability to maintain cold temperatures are important key factors to preserving the hair follicles during chemotherapy. Our revolutionary ultra cold gel caps were specially engineered to provide maximum effectiveness by utilizing a superior gel filled strapping system which contours to the entire scalp. This provides an additional layer of insulation which ensures the scalp stays cold while remaining securely fastened throughout treatment. Our caps also utilize a unique gel formula specifically created by industry experts to maintain cold temperatures for longer periods of time to maximize effectiveness while staying flexible for added comfort. These combined benefits allow our clients to achieve optimal results.
The cold temperature of the cap constricts the blood vessels beneath the skin of the scalp, preventing the chemotherapy medicine from reaching the hair follicles, therefore allowing the patient to preserve their hair. This process is referred to as vasoconstriction. The cold also slows down the hair follicle metabolism, making the hair cells dormant or less active, further preventing the absorption of chemotherapeutic drugs. See Scalp Cooling reference diagram.
Polar Cold Caps are rented on a monthly basis for $375 per month plus shipping and handling with a one month minimum purchase requirement. The initial charge will include a $200 deposit which will be refunded within 30 days once the caps are returned. No contract or binding agreements, you can simply return the caps at any time.
When you are finished with the caps, please return all six caps along with the cooler only. The shipping address for returns is Polar Cold Caps 34138 SPRING OAK TRAIL, WESLEY CHAPEL, FL 33545-4841. There is a one month minimum purchase requirement for all orders. Once the caps are received, the security deposit will be refunded accordingly. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.
Regardless of your age, gender, or hair type, chemo cold cap therapy can work for you. It is extremely important to understand that hair loss prevention or chemotherapy induced alopeica is not guaranteed and results may vary by individual. Please be sure to speak with your oncologist prior to using Polar Cold Caps. Patients with various forms of blood cancer, lymphomas, and melanoma patients should avoid cold cap therapy.
We offer standard fedex Ground, fedex 2Day, and fedex Overnight, whichever works best for your treatment schedule.
Overall, cold cap therapy is very well tolerated. For the first few minutes, the patient may experience mild discomfort. The discomfort then dissipates and the patient is fairly comfortable. The most common reported side effects are headaches and coldness. The electric heating blanket provided will be extremely beneficial during this time.
Cold cap therapy has successful proven results for patients of all hair lengths. Be sure hair is completely laid down and not pulled back or placed up while using cold caps.
It is recommended that caps be worn for 1 hr prior to the start of the chemotherapy treatment (premedication infusion is not considered chemotherapy and caps can be worn during this time), throughout the entire chemotherapy infusion process, and the 3 hours following the completion of chemotherapy treatment. Caps must be changed out every 30 minutes during this entire process.
Insurance companies are realizing cranial hair prosthetics are more and more necessary for those receiving cancer treatment. Depending on your individual insurance provider, some plans may reimburse for medically prescribed cranial hair prosthetics such as wigs or chemo cold caps. Please contact you individual provider for more details.
According to Dr. Hope Rugo, director of breast oncology at U.C.S.F, recent clinical trials by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and several other medical centers across the country showed that most women who used scalp-cooling caps kept most of their hair. In the largest study, conducted by researchers van den Hurk CJG, Peerbooms M, Breed WPM from 2006 to 2009, included 1,411 patients within 28 hospitals across Netherlands. Results of the Dutch Scalp Cooling Registry showed clear evidence that scalp cooling can prevent chemotherapy induced alopecia.
Cold cap therapy has successful proven results with the most intensive chemotherapy regimens. Be sure to speak with your oncologist to determine whether cold cap therapy is right for your individual regimen.
Absolutely. In fact, we highly encourage friends and family support during this time. While checking out online, simply instruct your friend or family member to list your address as the shipping address and Polar Cold Caps will be delivered right to your door.
Although popular throughout Europe and parts of Canada, chemo cold caps are still in clinical trials in the United States and unfortunately awareness is minimal.


  • Drink plenty of water prior to, during, and after treatment.
  • Premedication time does not count as part of chemotherapy, caps can be used during this time.
  • Use moleskin provided to protect the skin on the forehead while using cold caps.
  • Exchange caps out as quickly as possible, preferably less than 1 minute. 
  • Be sure to use the electric blanket for added comfort. 
  • Remember to always be gentle and “baby” your hair. 
  • Use a satin pillowcase for reduced resistance. 
  • Avoid high pressure shower heads.
  • Use aluminum free deodorant.
  • Use an all natural toothpaste without preservatives.
  • Use a shower cap when showering.
  • Rotate your hair part line between each cap exchange to protect the scalp.  
  • Shedding is normal and an expected part of the process.


  • DO NOT color or apply any chemicals to your hair 2 weeks prior to beginning chemotherapy treatment and not until 3 months after chemotherapy is completed.
  • Gently wash your hair 3 days before and the 3rd day after chemotherapy treatment.
  • Limited hair washing should be a total of twice per week.
  • Use cool water when washing hair.
  • Hold hair when combing/brushing so that pulling on roots does not occur.
  • Soft scrunchies can be used, no elastic hair bands.;
  • DO NOT blow dry, straighten, curl, or apply heat to hair.
  • Use a gentle organic shampoo to avoid parabens and sulfates/li>
  • DO NOT drastically cut your hair prior to or during treatment. Haircuts should not exceed a trim. Significant length cutting causes the hair follicle to weaken.

Freezer Locations

In efforts to assist with the use cold cap therapy, the following list of locations offer bio-medical freezers to help support cold cap users during chemotherapy treatment. The bio-medical freezers help ensure the caps maintain a temperature of -30°C.

– Beverly Hills Cancer Center – Beverly Hills, CA
– Tower Oncology (Cedars Sinai) – Beverly Hills, CA (3)
– East Valley Oncology and Hematology (Disney Family Cancer Center) – Burbank, CA
– Hematology Oncology Medical Group – Encino, CA
– Virginia K. Crosson Cancer Center, St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare – Fullerton, CA
– UCLA Hematology Oncology (100 UCLA Medical Plaza) – Los Angeles, CA
– Chao Family Cancer Center, UC Irvine – Orange, CA
– Valley Medical Oncology – Pleasanton, CA
– UCLA Porter Ranch – Porter Ranch, CA
– Ccare – San Diego, CA
– South Coast Gynecologic Oncology – San Diego, CA
– California Pacific Medical Center – San Francisco, CA
– UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center – San Francisco, CA
– Santa Monica Hematology-Oncology Consultants – Santa Monica, CA
– The Angeles Clinic – Santa Monica, CA (2)
– UCLA Hematology and Oncology – 2020 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
– UCLA Hematology and Oncology-Parkside – 2336 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
– Kaiser Permanente – San Rafael, CA
– Redwood Regional Medical Group – Santa Rosa, CA
– Los Robles Hospital – Thousand Oaks, CA
– UCLA Torrance Hematology/Oncology – Torrance, CA
– UCLA Oncology Santa Clarita – Valencia, CA
– Wellness Oncology & Hematology – West Hills, CA
Norwalk Hospital – Norwalk, CT
– Hematology-Oncology Associates of Boca Raton – Boca Raton, FL
– Lynn Cancer Institute – Boca Raton, FL
– Morton Plant Hospital – Clearwater, FL
– Broward Health Cancer Center – Fort Lauderdale, FL
– Emerald Coast Cancer Center – Fort Walton Beach, FL
– UF Health Hematology & Oncology – Gainesville, FL
– Memorial Breast Cancer Center – Hollywood, FL (2)
– Florida Cancer Specialists – Largo, FL
– Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center – Miami Beach, FL
– Florida Cancer Specialists – Naples, FL
– Memorial Breast Cancer Center – Pembroke Pines, FL
– South Miami Gynecologic Oncology Group – South Miami, FL
– Tampa General Hospital – Tampa, FL
– Atlanta Hematology/Oncology – Atlanta, GA
– Peachtree Oncology-Hematology – Atlanta, GA
– Georgia Cancer Specialists (Northside Hospital) – Sandy Springs, GA
– Great River Hematology & Oncology – West Burlington, IA
– Swedish Covenant Hospital Cancer Center – Chicago, IL
– Oncology Hematology Associates of Northern Illinois – Gurnee, IL
– Oncology Hematology Associates of Northern Illionois – Lindenhurst, IL
– Block Center for Integrative Medicine – Skokie, IL
– Memorial Regional Cancer Center – Mishawaka, IN
– Michiana Hematology Oncology – Westville, IN
– Kansas City Cancer Center – Shawnee Mission, KS
– University of Kansas Hospital Cancer Center – Westwood, KS
– Harbor Hospital – Harbor Cancer Center – Baltimore, MD
– Medical Oncology, Dr. Frederick Smith – Chevy Chase, MD (2)
– Maryland Oncology & Hematology – Columbia, MD
– Carroll Hospital Center – Westminster, MD
– Oakland Medical Group/Michigan Healthcare Professionals – Farmington Hills, MI
– Cancer Care Associates, Rose Cancer Center – Royal Oak, MI
– Hematology-Oncology Consultants, Rose Cancer Center – Royal Oak, MI
– Oakland Medical Group/Michigan Healthcare Professionals, Rose Cancer Center – Royal Oak, MI
– Hematology Oncology Consultants – Troy, MI
– Botsford Hospital Medical Center – Farmington Hills, MI
– PCHS – Huron Medical Center – Port Huron, MI
– Fairview Southdale Medical Oncology Clinic – Edina, MN
– Minnesota Oncology Maplewood Cancer Center – Maplewood, MN
– Minnesota Oncology/Abbott Northwestern Hospital – Minneapolis, MN
– Coborn Cancer Center – St. Cloud, MN
– Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center – Bozeman, MT
– The Cancer Institute at Robert Wood Johnson, Hamilton – Hamilton, NJ
– Beth Israel Cancer Center – New York
– Columbia Medical Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital – New York
– Weill Cornell Breast Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital – New York
– North Shore Hematology Oncology Associates – Patchogue, New York
– Cancer Specialist of Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, OK
– Lancaster Cancer Center – Lancaster, PA
– Chestnut Hill Hospital – Philadelphia, PA (Drs. Cantor, Biermann and Fellin)
– The Miriam Hospital – Providence, RI
– South Carolina Oncology Associates – Columbia, SC
– Vanderbilt Breast Center at One Hundred Oaks – Nashville, TN
– Methodist Hospital – Houston, TX
– Texas Oncology, Austin, TX
– The START Center For Cancer Care – San Antonio, TX
– Southlake Oncology – Southlake, TX
– Utah Cancer Specialists – Murray, UT
– Virginia Cancer Specialists – Fairfax, VA
– Meredith & Jeannie Ray Cancer Center – Laramie, WY
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